Hello,  my name is Judi Richardson. I am licensed to teach  Heal Your Life© Adult Workshops and Teen Self-EmPOWERment PlayShops.©

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Since Louise L. Hay’s transition on August 30, 2017, I became even more motivated and honored to play my bit part in ensuring that Louise’s philosophy continues to be heard around the globe! I read her New York Times bestseller, “You Can Heal Your Life” over 34 years ago and that book is just as applicable today as it was back then. Louise’s philosophy stands the test of time!

I was raised with a metaphysical philosophy. My parents frequently told me, “It’s not the situation; it’s what you make of it.” That was a profound statement for me! If “bad things” happen, do I really have the POWER to CHOOSE how I want to react? In the midst of CHAOS, can I CHOOSE PEACE INSTEAD? YES, I CAN!

I have a Bachelors degree in Chemistry and for almost 20 years, I owned and operated Scientemps, Inc. Laboratory and Technical Personnel.   Although I loved my career in that industry, I knew it was time to move on.

My bucket list now includes riding a bicycle in all 50 states! I’ve made it to 34 of them so far and I plan to keep on cycling, as time permits, until I ride in all 50!